About this site

This site was created because of my love for teaching maths. And because I want to spread this love, I decided to start this blog on maths. It is mostly directed to all of you who are uncomfortable with anything maths. The posts will mainly be chronological, starting with very simple concepts, but I may digress and put in a more advanced topic now and again as I find topics in my own personal maths journey. Posts will be labelled and categorised accordingly so you can review older topics or skip ahead to other topics. Please leave comments  on the Comments page or requests for clarification on the Contact page. Happy maths travels!

About Me

I currently tutor maths after retiring from two full careers. My first career was astronautical engineering in the US Air Force. It was in this career I learned and used most of my math skills. During this career, I also taught university maths in the evenings to Air Force personnel. It was here I discovered my love for teaching maths. My second career was business intelligence analysis for several companies. I started this career after moving to Australia where I currently live.

If you live in Australia and would like to enquire about using my services as a tutor, please send me a message with your email details on the Contact page. I will respond as soon as possible. The tutoring can take place online or if you are in Melbourne, I can tutor on the University of Melbourne campus. I tutor VCE students (years 11 and 12) and university students.


The following are reviews I’ve received from students:

19 March 2019: I credit David with the reason I have my Masters Degree (MBA). I had failed to complete Financial Management twice. David coached me through the semester assisting me with understanding complex concepts in a simple way. Using his life experience he helped me to tackle accounting and finance related analysis within the subject. He was willing to be available to me at a moments notice so I wouldn’t waste time on the problems I couldn’t solve. I cannot thank him enough or recommend him more highly

17 July 2018: David was really great. He understood where I was at and explained things on my level which in turn helped me understand and solve my math problems. He’s very patient and provided great resources to support me. Totally recommend!

6 May 2018: David tutored me in statistics while I was studying graduate level math at the University of Melbourne. I had very little math background to draw upon but he made it work so well and was able to provide me ways to apply the math using my own understanding of mathematics. He has an excellent capability for grasping how one’s logical mind works, and then applying that to the language he uses in order to get someone to understand something. In the end I passed the subject with a high distinction. I highly recommend him for anyone requiring tutoring in any level math, he works well with all age groups and learning abilities.