My logo

Let me explain a bit about my logo. The foreground words are self-explanatory except for the 𝜋 symbol used in place of the “T”. 𝜋 is the Greek letter pi. Greek symbols are used extensively in maths and 𝜋 is the most common one used. You will see it used many times in subsequent posts.  The background equations not only have math equations, but symbols representing all sorts of math applications: astronomy, biology, chemistry, genetics, nuclear physics, electronics, … . I think this is a very appropriate logo for me. What do you think?

Why can we do maths?

Ever wonder why humans can do math? What was the evolutionary pressure that gave us the ability to do calculus? It turns out that our math abilities are a by-product of our language abilities. A good book that explains this is “The Maths Gene” by Keith Devlan. Check it out!

Introducing the DavidTheMathsTutor Blog

Hi all, Well after a bit of learning how to set up a blog site and addressing the security concerns and a lot of trial and error, I’ve finally set up the blog site. I’m sure some tweeking will occur in the early days, and I’m open to comments to improve the site. I will post my first official math related post soon. Hopefully, the facebook page will be automatically updated.