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  1. I’d be interested to know where the terminology came from. Sine? Cosine? Tangent? Must be Latin, I’m guessing. Thanks for another (relatively) simple to understand explanation.

    1. Hi Byron, Yes it is latin. Sine comes from “sinus” meaning “a bend” or a curve. Cosine is derived from “complementary sinus”. The value of an angle’s cosine is the sine of its complementary angle (look it up). Tangent comes from “tangens” which means “to touch”. This makes sense when looking at how the tangent is derived from the graph of a unit circle where the length of a line tangent to the circle intersects the line segment that forms the angle whose tangent you want to know. This is easier to see than explain.

  2. I see why you like maths, it could become addictive. Always fun and energizing learning new things, especially stuff I struggled with all those years ago.


    1. Thank you Byron for the supportive comments. Yes, I find math fun as well. And I struggle with some of it too, but it feels so good when I finally understand it.


  3. I wish Father Savino had been able to explain it this well, and with examples such as these. Since I’m a right-brain, word-centric guy, the exchange for symbols etc. in the word problems makes perfect sense.


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